GCI-France leaders meet

Leaders and their families from GCI congregations in France met recently outside Paris to review current activities and future plans. The conference was a time of much-needed reflection and fellowship with lots of laughter and good food!

Some of the French conference participants

During the conference, James Henderson, GCI mission developer for Europe (at center in the picture above), led interactive discussions on getting back to the basics of Christian ministry, and on comparisons between cultural and biblical Christianity. The group made plans for their annual worship festival in France—this year it will take place in Evian from October 17-24.

One thought on “GCI-France leaders meet”

  1. Marie-Angelique and Jean Philip, so good to see you and your beautiful family! Electra has grown so nicely since we last saw her. Miss you guys.

    May you all enjoy the annual worship festival in October.

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