Outreach to Kenyan orphans

With assistance from our Australian churches, GCI’s congregations in Kenya, Africa, are helping educate orphans in the Manyera, Migori District of that nation. With GCI help, a school with nine classrooms is under construction (see pictures below). GCI pastors Joseph Nyakwaka and Rose Ocholla are coordinating the outreach, which is making a real difference in that community. Children are being cared for and pupils are anxiously awaiting their move into the new school.


One thought on “Outreach to Kenyan orphans”

  1. Praise GOD and what a blessing to be able to help these precious little ones of the LORD. Is Mr. Matthews still available for service there in Kibarichi? What about Mr. Marette. I am remembering them from our two visit to Kenya. Love and best wishes to all of you performing this service. Our children need all the help they can get to have successful lives.

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