Kenya update

GachanjasThis update is from Anthony Gachanja, GCI’s national director for Kenya. Anthony has been visiting GCI members in congregations scattered across Kenya, bringing them encouragement. Recently, the members have been reciprocating by visiting Anthony and his wife Jane at their home (they are pictured at right on another occasion with Charles Albrecht and Joseph Tkach).

Here in Kenya we are doing quite well. We thank God for his grace. An interesting trend has been happening—members of our churches have been visiting my family here at our home, and this has really encouraged us. Some of the groups have called these visits, “a time for paying back.” According to them, they have visited us for two reasons: To show us they have been appreciating our visits to their churches, and to get to know our home. Three churches have visited us in the last three months and a fourth is working on a time for their visit. Our house is open to all. The photos below were taken during these visits.


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  1. Hello to all our sisters and brothers there. We had the opportunity to visit Kenya twice for the Feast in 1989 and 1994. Each time was a joyous time in the LORD. We are wondering about Mathius and Ester, I think their sir name is Matthews. Mr. Mariette also comes to mind. Please give our love and regards to them. Also our blessing passed on to you for the wonderful work you are doing for the Kingdom.

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