New pastoral team in Anchorage

On September 27, Associate Regional Pastor Tim Sitterley had the blessing of installing Bill Kranich, Martin Registe and Susan Krueger as the members of a new Pastoral Team that will be serving GCI’s congregation in Anchorage, Alaska. The team replaces retiring Lead Pastor Don Marson.

AK team
(L to R) Tim Sitterley, Bill Kranich, Martin Registe, Susan Krueger and Don Marson.
AK pass baton
Passing the baton of leadership.

Don, with his wife Anne Marie (pictured below), has served in some form of ordained ministry for over 40 years, including the last seven as lead pastor in the Anchorage congregation. Don and Ann Marie will remain as members of the congregation, and have plans to travel frequently.

Our sincere thanks to the Marsons for their many years of ministry and our congratulations to the new pastoral team.

AK Marsons

2 thoughts on “New pastoral team in Anchorage”

  1. Thank you Marsons for all those decades! It is so gratifying to leave a fine team in one’s place upon retirement, as we did in the Bay Area this past January. Congrats to you and the Team and the congregation.
    JR & HBR

  2. Don and Marie,
    31 years ago you both met us in the Anchorage Airport when we arrived to take our first paid position in ministry. We count you as wonderful friends to this day, and we know that in retirement you will still encourage, love, and support others. We congratulate you on your retirement, and wish you all the best in your travels.
    Love from Sam and Denise Butler

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