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Abner Washington

Josh McDonald is a new pastoral resident, serving alongside Dave Perry in GCI’s congregation in Indianapolis, Indiana. One of the elders serving in that congregation is retired GCI pastor Abner Washington. Josh recently interviewed Abner and posted the interview along with some of his reflections on Abner’s life on his The Indy Project Blog at http://theindyproject.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-way-it-was-talking-race-and-faith.html. We think you’ll enjoy reading the amazing story.

Josh and Abner
Josh (left) interviewing Abner

3 thoughts on “Abner Washington”

  1. I served next door to Abner in the early 70’s. I was in Newark, NJ, and he was in Philadelphia. We would see each other at district meetings, feast days, conferences and other activities. He impressed me as one of the most friendly, and converted individuals I have ever encountered.

  2. Richard Frankel:

    I served as a regional director and Abner was one of the pastors I visited with during my tenure. He was and is a dedicated servant of the Lord and much like many who have served in the ministry for a long time he had to go through the agonizing yet liberating changes and remained faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. Like the aged Simeon mentioned in Luke’s gospel he has seen the Lord’s salvation. Surely God’s goodness and mercy have followed him all the days of his life. God bless him and his wife as they continue serving the Lord and His people.

  3. Thanks for carrying this interview! Abner is a top tier Christian and Minister. Race was always the furthest thing from my mind during our long association. Abner lived across the street from us in Pasadena and was a joy to have as neighbor. When I went into full time ministry, I was sent to the Dayton area and had some close associations with the Indiana churches via the Feast, conferences, etc. He and his 2nd wife stayed in our home in Huber Heights once. What a sterling example of humility and joy. so glad he is still in the saddle at 92! JR

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