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Evangelism tool

A recent post on The Surprising God blog highlighted a brochure produced by GCI pastor David Gilbert (with assistance from Ted Johnston and Gary Deddo). The brochure gives a simple presentation of the gospel grounded in incarnational Trinitarian theology with an invitation to the reader to attend the church that distributes the brochure. David has made this evangelism tool available to anyone who wishes to use it within their congregation or ministry. To download it in Word for Windows (.docx format), click here. To download another GCI-produced gospel tract click here.

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3 thoughts on “Evangelism tool”

  1. Can anything good come out of Jersey? Apparently so! I like it, I like it alot. Very user friendly, thorough, but not too long. Thanks Dave!

  2. Indeed good things do come out of Jersey! Thank you Dave, Ted and Gary for your excellent work on this!


  3. Also, thanks for the GCI tri-fold linked here as well, which we’ve previously received. It is excellent too, and now we have two good ones to utilize, depending on the need or approach called for in a particular situation.

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