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Roger Abels

Here is an update to previous prayer requests for retired GCI pastor Roger Abels. It was provided by Roger’s daughter Courtney (Abels) Harmon.

Donna and Roger Abels
Donna and Roger Abels

Thanks to all who have asked for updates about my dad. We have been in a waiting period for the last ten days; waiting for the pneumonia to clear up, for him to breath on his own enough to not be considered “critical” and for the fever to stay down with medicine.

Doctors have just cleared dad to move to a long-term rehab facility, and although we are concerned about additional complications (that have had a track record for arising every time he has tried to move to a different hospital), we are hopeful about him leaving ICU permanently this time.

Thanks for continuing to pray for him and us! I have a peace in the midst of this storm that I know is the result of your dedicated prayers.

Cards may be sent to:

Roger and Donna Abels
1827 Ransom Dr.
Ft Wayne, IN 46845

5 thoughts on “Roger Abels”

  1. Courtney, please share with your Dad and Mom that we love them and your whole family, and that we are praying for healing. Thank you for sharing your faith in our loving God in the midst of this difficult storm! You are ministering to us by inviting us to join you at the foot of the cross. We are praying!

  2. Please pass along to Roger our love and that we are fervently praying for him! Ray and Carol Meyer

  3. Susi Albrecht summed up the thoughts of all of us so beautifully. Our hearts ache for all you are all going through. I’ll continue my fervent and often prayers for his complete recovery. “There is a friend who is closer than a brother.”

  4. Psa. 46:1 God is our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in need. Our GOD is with you every step of the way. HE has shown HIMSELF mighty and remain faithful.

  5. Dear Courtney, My wife and I are continuing in prayer for your Father, Mother and you as we wait on our Lord in this trail. Our two local Churches are joining in this intersession too. Please tell your beloved folks that we love them! David and Linda Husmann

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