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“Must-haves” for church websites


Does your congregation have its own website? If so, is it effective? In a recent post on Thom Rainer’s LifeWay blog (click here to read it), Jonathan Howe noted that effective church websites prominently display the church address and worship service times on the home page, then make it easy to navigate to the following eight “must-have” sections:

  1. Staff names and titles (preferably with pictures)
  2. Information about children’s and youth ministries
  3. Sermon archives (video is best, but audio works too)
  4. Church calendar
  5. Contact information (with someone responsible for responding to inquiries rapidly)
  6. Statement of beliefs
  7. Links to social media profiles (being active on social media is vital in our culture)
  8. Major church news items

Note from editor: It also is vital to keep the website up-to-date (fresh). Showing out-of-date material (particularly on the home page) suggests the church is out-of-date (if not dead). Check your website today and see how you’re doing.

2 thoughts on ““Must-haves” for church websites”

  1. The above suggestions are great, but you must have pictures. Use vibrant pictures of your congregation actively engaging in ministry, worship or acts of service. Also a “new here” area is good to help direct visitors to information targeted specifically for them. An area to read the gospel message is also good. This allows visitors to hear or read the gospel message regardless to their attendance at your worship service.

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