Debbie Young

We asked recently for prayer for Debbie Young, wife of GCI-Atlanta pastor Charles Young (click here for the original prayer request). Here is an update from Charles:

Charles and Debbie Young
Charles and Debbie Young

Debbie has recently undergone tests to try to determine the nature of the illness that is causing her a great deal of pain. One of the tests indicates that there is something weakening her muscles and thus causing pain. It also is making it difficult for her to swallow at times (the esophagus is a muscle). Further tests will be conducted to try to determine the nature of the illness and devise a treatment plan.

Charles is taking time away from work and pastoring to spend more time with Debbie during this difficult time. He and Debbie send their thanks for the continuing prayers. Knowing that God is faithful, they rest in our Lord’s amazing grace and healing mercies.

Cards may be sent to:

Charles and Debbie Young
6290 Ponderosa Ct
College Park, GA 30349-4038

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  1. Prayers for Debbie and an accurate diagnosis and treatment of the debilitating illness. Also for Charles in caring for her, and for the congregation he is unable to devote his time to as he would wish. Be comforted, folks, in the Holy Spirit.

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