Refugees resettled

The May 11 issue of GCI Weekly Update told the story of Nova and Joseline Musafiri, refugees from Kenya who with GCI assistance now make their home in Canada. We’re delighted to note that the Musafiri family recently welcomed to Canada Joseline’s three sisters and one brother. Like Nova and Joseline, these refugees were members of the GCI congregation in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. We are blessed to now welcome them to our congregation in Ottawa, Canada.

L to R: Ndambwe (Joseline’s 14 year old brother), Dorcas, Rachael (Nova’s child with cap), Joseline, IOM staff member who accompanied the group, 
Esthella, Jessica (Nova’s child), Martha

GCI has helped several other refugees resettle in Canada in recent years. Here are some of them:

refugee montage
Upper left: Myint Ong (second from left), arrived in Canada two years ago and has been accepted to attend Carleton University to study engineering. Myint is from Myanmar. Upper right: the two women (Rosina and Aliane Cyuzuzo) fled the Congo about two years ago. Lower picture: The Kidane family (with their helpers) who fled to Canada last year from the Sudan.
This is a picture of a family of 4 who came to Ottawa about a month ago. Names from right to left are: Baraka, Wendo, Julius and Leah. They had been in the refugee camp in Kakuma for many years (6-7) and were finally accepted to come to Canada as a result of the government sponsorship program. The picture is taken in the parking lot outside the church where we meet. These young people are adapting quite well--much easier to adapt however if one comes to Canada in the spring or summer rather then the dead of winter . The mother and 3 other younger children will be arriving in Canada in a couple of weeks.
L to R: Baraka, Wendo, Julius and Leah Nashale. These four siblings came to Ottawa about a month ago after six years in the Kakuma camp. The picture is taken in front of the GCI church building in Ottawa. Their mother and three of their (younger) siblings will arrive in a couple of weeks.

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  1. May the Lord bless our brothers and sisters who have been re-planted in Canada. May they continue to declare the glory of Christ in their new homes.

  2. That’s what the church family is all about. Thank you to all the people responsible in bringing our brothers and sisters to safety and freedom. God bless you all.

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