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Refugee churches in Kenya

This report is from Anthony Gachanja, who visited GCI’s congregations in Kenyan refugee camps.

Last weekend, Pastor Stephen Kinoti and I visited our two churches in the Kakuma refugee camp in the northern part of Kenya. Our idea as we left Nairobi was to go and encourage our brothers and sisters who are refugees due to the instability in their home countries. But during our visit, they ministered to us as much as we ministered to them. We learned that the joy of our Triune God is not dependent on earthly possessions, or where one lives. The joyful singing and the quality service we experienced there gave testimony to the fact that our brothers’ and sisters’ living conditions, though substandard by any definition, are nothing compared with the joy they experience in their relationship with our Savior.


We had sessions with leaders because we felt a need to ground them in Incarnational Trinitarian theology, which they had no problem grasping. We also had sessions for couples aimed at strengthening their families. And we had sessions aimed at helping the young discover who they are in Christ.

Leader's meeting

In their worship services they enjoy a variety that is not common in many places. We also shared meals together, we had three baptisms, and seven babies were blessed.

Church service

Pastor Kinoti, in expressing his joy for these churches, said, “When I was coming this way, my expectation was that I would find people with low morale because of their poor living conditions and the fact that some are separated from their families. I thank God because I am going home with a testimony of amazing things God does for his people. ”

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5 thoughts on “Refugee churches in Kenya”

  1. Thank you for the very encouraging report about the work God is doing and the response of his people in those physically difficult situations.


  2. Thanks so much Anthony for sharing the pictures and article regarding my/our brothers and sisters in Kenya. The Holy Spirit is filling them and they are expressing the love, joy, trust and faith that God the Spirit has given them. Blessings to you my dear friend/brother.

  3. “I thank God because I am going home with a testimony of amazing things God does for his people. ”


  4. Glory to the great GOD who loves HIS children and blesses them in so many ways. To HIM be all glory, and thanksgiving.

  5. Judy and I thank God Almighty for what He doing around the world . Our brothers and sisters are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.
    We love all of you.
    Carlton, Judy Green

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