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Hands for Christ’s 4th anniversary

Hands for Christ Community Church, GCI’s congregation in Staten Island, New York, recently celebrated its 4th anniversary as a church. Lead Pastor and Church Planter Mary Bacheller commented:

Jesus planted this church and with his guidance and blessing we look forward to good years ahead. We are grateful to those God placed in our path to love, guide and support us: New Life in Christ Church (our “mother” church in Queens, New York), Pastor Al Barr, Pastor John Newsom, Jonathan Browne, Regional Pastor Randy Bloom, my ministry coach Becky Deuel and our denominational president, Joseph Tkach.


At our anniversary celebration worship service, we had 64 in attendance, not counting our family who connects with us by live-stream video in Texas, West Virginia, Las Vegas and North Carolina. We look forward to next year when we hit our five-year mark and begin to cast a vision for the five years following that. Many thanks and blessings to all of you who have supported us through your prayers, donations and encouragement. We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers.

Here is a short video showing highlights of the anniversary celebration service:

On YouTube at https://youtu.be/ntnoD2gnucM.

2 thoughts on “Hands for Christ’s 4th anniversary”

  1. Dear members of Hands for Christ,

    Happy 4th Anniversary! Nancy and I grateful for you and your participation with Jesus in making new disciples. Thank you for your faithful service Pastor Mary!

    Ken and Nancy

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