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Festivals in Maryland and Majorca

Worship festivals were held recently in Maryland, USA; and Majorca, Spain. Here are reports.


At the Father Loves and Likes You Fest held at Ocean City, Maryland, 150 adults, teens and children gathered for four days of inspiration and celebration, focused on the theme, Worship-Oneness-Witness (WOW). Gospel-focused messages, all from John 14-17, emphasized the shared love and life of the Father, Son and Spirit, and our inclusion in their triune life and love. Some messages were given by GCI interns—their unique styles giving a living picture of GCI’s vision for All kinds of churches for all kinds of people in all kinds of places. The interns were the talk of the conference as attendees, filled with hope, got a glimpse of GCI’s present and future. In addition to worship gatherings, the festival featured a youth beach party (hosted by the interns) and a dance. Here are some pictures (click here for more):

(L to R): Pastor Calvin Simon, Pastor Timothy Brassell, Intern Program Coordinator Jeff McSwain, festival audience
GCI Interns (L to R): Cory O’Neal, Andy Rooney, Xiara Lee, Corey Lewis, Sang Yang, Eddie Lowe, Cara Garrity


At the festival in Majorca, 58 attendees from 12 nations enjoyed uplifting messages that reinforced the theme, A Celebration of God’s Love and Grace in Jesus Christ. The messages emphasized God’s undeserved and unconditional love and compassion for all people. The festival included a talent show, and a special blessing was the baptism of Samuel Rufian, son of retreat coordinators Pedro and Brigida Rufian. Here are some pictures: