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Andrew Silcox

Please pray for retired GCI pastor, Andrew Silcox who is in a hospital in France near where he and his wife Dana live. Andrew is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit for severe blood poisoning. Due to his Type II Diabetes, and a recent surgery for a triple fracture on his foot, Andrew is in a dangerous condition. He is not conscious at present, being held on dialysis and monitoring so further surgery can take place if required. He is in the hands of one of the best surgeons in Europe who did the original surgery. The family would be deeply thankful for four things:

  1. Prayers for the medical team’s managing all aspects of the threat to his well-being. They have an enormous task and everything they learn from this will help the next person.
  2. Prayers for the family that is spread around the world.
  3. Prayers that, if at all possible, both the foot injury and the blood poisoning and their resultant effects to his vital organs will have the healing touch of the Masters hands.
  4. Privacy, with the very strong qualification that Dana is able to play sound messages to Andrew in the ICU. Though he is not conscious, it is evident that these message help him fight on mentally. Voice messages can be emailed to bensilcox@gmail.com.

17 thoughts on “Andrew Silcox”

  1. Dear Family and Friends,

    We receive these news with great sadness and a heavy, yet hopeful, heart. We can feel with you the pain caused by this terrible situation. Our prayers are with Andrew and with all of you. When the world around us seems to be crashing down we are often driven to seek THE only one who really and fully understands our sufferings and who is able to uphold and comfort us when we encounter those dark and fear filled moments. The entire Silcox family, we know, will face this trial united and with courage. Your GCI family around the world is standing with you.

    A big hug,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. Dear Dana and family,

    It was with huge sadness that we read this post about Andrew’s critical condition. Andy and I were inseparable friends during our days at AC in Bricket Wood starting in 1968. He’s a good man with a strong and caring heart and we know he is fighting to live. Dana, please tell him that we are in serious prayer for his complete healing and full recovery.

    With our deepest love and concern,

    Don and Alix

  3. Please pass on my prayers and love to Andrew – and they go out to you, too, Dana!

    In His capable hands,

  4. Dear Dana:

    So sorry to hear about our dear friend Andrew. Please know that he is in our prayers, as are you and your family. May God intervene and restore him. Love to all,

    Jeb and Barb

  5. Precious Lord, please continue to guide the hands, heart, and mind of the surgeon and all the medical staff providing Andrew’s care. Please wrap Your arms around Dana and all Andrew’s loved ones as they turn to You and lean on each other turning this uncertain time. Help them to have peace in the knowledge that YOU are faithful and they can be certain You are with them through it all. In Jesus Mighty Name we pray, Amen.

  6. Brian and I were distressed to hear about Andrew’s health crisis. We go back a long way. Andrew, my sister Robin and I were among the 24 hardy pioneer students at Imperial School Bricket Wood in 1964. We feel very bonded to so many precious friends from our years in England and the Silcox family are part of our history. Please know we send love and concern.

  7. Dear Dana and Andrew. You know that we enjoyed a very close relationship with you both during Andrew’s ministerial time here in the UK. Both you and all your family are very much in our hearts and prayers. And we are so confident that Andrew is in God’s merciful arms. God bless you all, Chris

  8. Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers to Andrew and the entire family. We know he’s in the Great Healer’s hands!

  9. So sorry to hear about Andrew. prayers and love are sent to you both and your family from your friends in Edinburgh

  10. We all remember Andrew with fond memories, our prayers and concern are with the family. Andrew and Dana were our instructors at ACT (Ambassador Christian Training) and Amos and Amelia will remember them at SEP. Love and concern from the Scott family.

  11. Brigida and I are sorry to read about Andrew’s very serious health condition. Our prayers and concern are with him and the family asking to our loving and tender Father to intervine with His healing grace. Love and prayers from Brigida and me.

  12. Beth and I are sending all best wishes to both of you, Dana and Andrew.Our memories of Andrew are all about him being robust, energetic, full of life and fun. We hope and pray for his swift return to that blessed state! Love and prayers.

  13. Andrew, the memories of imperial and AC band work are fun – hope you recall these with fondness too.

  14. Thank you all for these amazing messages. I can type now because I can laugh. I have only once in all our years of service experienced something as devastatingly threatening and fast acting as this was. From chest infection to deaths door in three days when the bacteria got into a surgery wound he had on his foot. God works in amazing ways. We had visitors from the UK who see our home as a kind of sanctuary. I had asked God several weeks before – we don’t know what they need, Lord, but you do… Little did I know he was deploying them for us and not the other way around. Andrew might not have made it had they and our amazing new village neighbours helped us act quickly. VERY quickly. I say I can laugh now because today he was he finally figured out why he loves seeing the super efficient nursing teams work – he said he feels like a Formula One car having a pit stop – six or seven of them descend, all do their specialist work, and then leave him to get on with healing!!! Thankful beyond words for all of the support, expertise and prayers.

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