New Home Office purchased

Posted by GCI Update on April 26, 2017 under Announcements | 14 Comments to Read

God has answered our prayers! On April 20, we finalized purchase of the office building shown below. Sometime next year, we’ll move GCI’s denominational Home Office from Glendora, CA, to this building located in the Charlotte, NC, area. Thanks for your prayers concerning the search and purchase process. Please now pray about the logistics involved in the move.

Concerning the purchase process, GCI Treasurer Mat Morgan shared this:

It just felt blessed! I felt the Holy Spirit’s guiding hand from start to finish. The closing process took only 30 days—a speed seldom accomplished in commercial real estate. The seller went above and beyond in assisting us. He stayed with our team late into the night to help us both understand and then transfer building systems and contracts. God’s hand was in it all—I think he wanted us to connect with the previous owner, and so we have.

  • Jim Lee said,

    Welcome to the great state of North Carolina! Our Lord may have handled the heavy stuff but the moon pies and RE Colas for y’all can be handled by us local yocals!

  • Christine Ojih said,

    Beautiful! So glad it all went smoothly. Praise God! I look forward to visiting one day. Blessings on all that comes next to get moved and up and running in NC 🙂

  • Bill Harring said,

    Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina! BBQ awaits you all!

  • Santiago Lange said,

    Congratulations! Looks like a really nice home for our new denominational headquarters.

    May God’s blessing rest upon the building and on all the activities that will take place there once the staff transition is completed.

    In Him,

  • Mark Stapleton said,

    Fantastic! God is so good! I love all the windows. God’s grace shining out to the world and the sun (Son) shining in to give you life and strength to continue to shine light in the darkness. Can’t wait to visit! Thank you, GCI Home Office, for all you do!!!!

  • Jerome Ellard said,

    Wonderful! And hearing the story of how it occurred is both encouraging and confirming. Looking forward to visiting sometime.

  • oiliveira kitambala de Angola said,

    A nossa casa, escritório bonita, é uma graça em cima das graças, que Deus abençoe todos os que contribuiram, viremos visita lo um dia, escritório bonito, lindos.

    [Translation: Our beautiful home office is a grace on top of graces. May God bless all who contributed. We will visit you one day. Beautiful, beautiful office.]

  • Carrie Osborne said,

    Fantastic news!

  • angie tabin said,

    Praise God! Excited to see the new church office

  • Irene Tibbenham said,

    Fantastic news and what a beautiful looking building.
    Hope all aspects of the move go smoothly.

  • Bob Knowles said,

    Praise God! Linda and I raised our family from 1982 to 2006 in San Diego County so we were able to visit Pasadena once in a while. Now we are in Tenn. Not that far to NC. Look forward to visiting in the future. May God bless all that is involved with the move. Bob and Linda Knowles

  • Pedro Rufián Mesa said,

    Congratulation to everyone involved while we thanks our Lord for His care and provision! It look like very nice for our new HQ. We pray God’s guidance and wisdom it with all involve along of the moving process. Pedro & Brígida Rufián

  • Carl Head said,

    Praise God for answered prayers! We are so exicited for this new move in the continuing leadership of the Holy Spirit within our denomination.

  • Joe Elam said,

    God is so good! He provides far beyond what we can even imagine! A beautiful ready made building! No construction required! I join with my brothers and sisters in praise and thanks for God’s provision…Of course, we will be praying for the move and the transition to the new home office!