Conference in Mexico

This update is from Heber Ticas, ecclesiastical supervisor of GCI’s congregations in Mexico.

Over the Easter weekend (April 14–16), GCI Mexico held its annual conference for pastors and other congregational leaders in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was a great time of fellowship, worship, renewal and learning. Dr. Joseph Tkach was the keynote speaker and those in attendance were inspired as he shared the good things the Lord is doing in our fellowship around the world.

Throughout the weekend, various teaching sessions were offered. Lorenzo Arroyo gave a workshop on the different models of the doctrine of salvation, emphasizing GCI’s incarnational Trinitarian theology. Heber Ticas gave a series of workshops challenging pastors and others to lead their congregations through four avenues (phases) leading to becoming a fully missional church: 1) developing a missionary mentality, 2) missional development, 3) experiencing missional movement, and 4) being a church fully engaged in missional rhythms. Xochilt Ticas (Heber’s wife) gave a workshop for women on forgiveness, including the important role of forgiveness in the life of a congregation.

Lorenzo Arroyo
Women’s workshop with Xochilt Ticas

The highlight of the conference was Dr. Tkach’s Easter Sunday sermon on the resurrection, and the ordination of Jose Luis Seba who started a small group in Tlaxcala Mexico a few years back that has blossomed into a full church.

Ordination ceremony (L to R): Heber Ticas, Joseph Tkach, Jose Luis Seba and Alfredo Mercado (Jose’s wife is standing behind Alfredo)

Overall, the conference was a great encouragement to GCI’s congregations in Mexico. Please pray for them, asking God to bless the work he is doing in and through them in the nation of Mexico.

We send heartfelt thanks to our brothers and sisters in Canada and the United States for the financial assistance that made this conference possible.