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Changes to CAD team

Greg Williams, director of GCI-USA Church Administration and Development (CAD), recently announced several changes to the CAD team:

  1. Lorenzo Arroyo has retired after working for GCI for over 14 years (click here for details).
  2. Jeff McSwain has left GCI employment. He plans to devote time to writing a couple of books on theology and to continuing his work with the Reality Center in North Carolina.
  3. Anthony Mullins has replaced Jeff as national coordinator of the GCI-USA Intern Program.
  4. Jeff Broadnax will replace Anthony as the national coordinator of GCI-USA Generations Ministries (GenMin) in January. In the meantime, Jeff and Anthony will co-lead. Jeff will continue serving as lead pastor of GCI’s congregation in Columbus, OH.

Our thanks to Lorenzo Arroyo and Jeff McSwain for their years serving GCI. We wish them both many blessings in the years ahead. And our congratulations and well-wishes to Anthony Mullins and Jeff Broadnax on their new roles on the CAD team. Our prayers are with all of these men and their families as they transition into new phases in their lives and ministries.

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