Mission trip to Mexico

Generations Ministries’ mission organization Crossing Borders (CB) recently completed its 23rd mission trip into Mexico. CB’s missionary team (pictured below) spent eight days building relationships, accomplishing tasks, and living and sharing the gospel.

CB chose “encouragement” as the theme for this summer’s trip—the goal was to bring encouragement to CB’s ministry partners in Mexico who face various crises and other sources of discouragement including illnesses, decreasing church attendance, defection of leaders, property thefts, tight finances, government corruption and threats from drug cartels. To bring encouragement, the CB team devoted one-on-one time to their Mexican ministry partners—listening to their stories and needs, letting them know they are not alone, and praying with them.

For a long time, one of the Mexican pastor’s wives had been saving small amounts of money hoping one day to be able to cover the concrete floor of their humble home with tile. She had finally accumulated enough money, but then her husband had opportunity to be able to make a trip to some very poor churches several hours farther into Mexico to deliver shoebox gifts to the children. Nora donated her floor tile savings so the children could receive the gifts. As it turns out, some CB supporters had donated some funds with the instruction to use them when a fitting opportunity arose—and this was the opportunity. CB replaced Nora’s funds so she could tile her floor, and left-over funds were used to bless their congregation with much-needed supplies.

In another instance, CB became aware that Sister Juanita, the senior-citizen director of a children’s home that CB has “adopted,” had only one door on her 4-door car that would open from the inside (due to broken handles). She had to crawl over the front seat into the back seat, and then exit through the rear passenger door. CB was able to help her get the handles working again. CB also was able to buy supplies for the children’s home, and took Juanita on a shopping trip for clothes and other personal items for herself (she never spends money on herself; always on the kids). In addition, CB purchased and installed new plumbing fixtures, three ceiling fans and three hi-velocity floor fans (there is no air conditioning in the children’s home).

During the trip, the CB team helped out at a “church in the park” for homeless people (pictured above); painted walls and fences at a Christian youth school (the painters are pictured below); visited two children’s homes; purchased items that were distributed during a church outreach event; conducted a Vacation Bible School for 50 children; and lots more.

A highlight of the trip was hosting CB’s 15 ministry partners at an “encouragement luncheon” at a restaurant (see picture below). This was the first time CB’s ministry partners had been together—the joy and friendship was amazing as life stories were shared over the meal. CB team members gave encouraging messages to the group along with bags full of gifts for all.

We are grateful that through CB’s ministry in Mexico, the love of God is being shared, the gospel message is being lived and spoken, and lives are being transformed—the lives of CB’s missionaries and the lives of those being served.

CB’s next mission trip to Mexico is scheduled for December 8-11, 2017. For information go to www.cbmission.org, or call CB director Lee Berger at 903-746-4463.