Theological alignment seminar

This announcement is from Greg Williams, Director of GCI Church Administration and Development.

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming Denominational Conference in Orlando. Our theme is “We are GCI.” You will hear reports and stories from around the globe that will inspire and inform you about what the Lord is up to in our fellowship. To launch our time together, all pastors and interested members and friends are invited to a pre-conference seminar conducted by Dr. Gary Deddo titled “Theological Alignment.” It will be held on Tuesday, August 1 at 1:00 to 4:00pm in the conference hotel.

Gary Deddo

In the seminar (which includes time for Q&A), Gary will summarize the significant work he has been doing over the past year at the request of GCI President, Dr. Joseph Tkach, leading to the publishing of two essays: “The Church and Its Ministry” and “Clarifying Our Theological Vision.” From my viewpoint, these essays help us to be more aligned in our theology, doctrine and ministry practice. As is says in Psalms 133:1, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”

So that you can familiarize yourself with the content of Gary’s essays, they are posted online as PDF documents at

One thought on “Theological alignment seminar”

  1. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate at the Orlando Conference. The “theological alignment” seminar, I am sure, will provide valuable doctrinal guidance and fine tuning as we move forward in our sharing and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Our prayers are with all attending the conference. I have a feeling that the event may well turn out to be a historic marker for our fellowship.

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