Bill Sidney retires

Bill Sidney retired recently from employment as a GCI pastor, serving most recently as pastor of GCI’s congregation in Eagleby, Australia. In a celebration service conducted by Australian Mission Developer John McLean, the nearly 40 years of ministry service by Bill and his wife Daphne were celebrated. John thanked the couple for their outstanding contributions to GCI and to the communities where they have lived. Their commitment and dedicated service has blessed many people over the years, with both having a real heart for mission and a love for people, including compassion for the marginalized and needy. The Sidneys’ ministry took them to many places around the world, including the Solomon Islands, India, the Philippines and Australia. Bill was the first minister from our denomination to go into Papua New Guinea and he served for a time as Regional Director in the Philippines.

Bill and Daphne

As pictured below, the celebration service also included the installation of Bharat Naker as the new pastor of the Eagleby congregation. Bharat and his wife Urvashi will also help out with other congregations in the region. Bharat, who was ordained an elder in 1987, has ministered in the U.S., India (following Bill’s time there), Sri Lanka and Australia.

Urvashi and Bharat
John McLean (at left) and Bill Sidney commission Bharat (with Urvashi at his side)

After the celebration service, members shared a beautiful farewell-welcome cake (pictured below) and celebrated the new chapter in Eagleby’s story. Our prayers and best wishes go with Bill and Daphne in Bill’s retirement, and with Bharat and Urvashi in their new pastoral assignment.

L toR: Bharat, Daphne, Urvashi and Bill

12 thoughts on “Bill Sidney retires”

  1. Congrats and blessings in retirement to the Sidneys and blessings, provision and encouragement to our dear friends Bharat and Urvashi. David & Jonnie Perry

  2. Bill and Daphne,
    Congratulations! Thank you for your many years of service to God’s people. May God grant you many blessings in your retirement! Ray and Carol Meyer

  3. Dear Bill and Daphne,

    Thanks so much for your dedication and service to Jesus’ flock. The Lord will honor you in due time much more so than we could ever do.

    I well remember Bharat and Urvashi from my AC days in the 1980’s. Our prayers are with you in the unfolding of this new service opportunity.

    Every blessing,

  4. Hi Bill and Daphne,
    Wonderful to hear about you and your faithful service. It’s been awhile since we were in contact. May God bless you both in your retirement.

  5. Congrats Bill & Daphne! We have known you since the days you were employed at HQs and helped out with the youth programs there. You were always a pleasure to work with and your ministry has taken many paths to bless so many people of various cultures. Enjoy retired life (we are still working on it!) God’s best for Bharat & Urvashi, and Eagleby members. JR & Hazel

  6. Hi Bill and Daphne!

    May God bless you and be with you in this new stage of your life with and in him. Thanks for the blessing you have both been, and continue to be to our denomination internationally and here in Oz.

    Love Phil and Deb

  7. Hey Bill and Daphne,
    You are remembered for your kind compassionate ways at various feast sites in the past. I partularly remember the ones in Australia.
    You will be missed .. Hope to meet up with you both one of these fine days ….when are you coming to the states ? Look us up .. .. very many Blessings and very warm regards to you both .. Roger and Anthea Lippross

  8. Dear Bill and Daphne,

    Congratulations on this major milestone! We have wonderful memories of our time together in New Zealand. All of God’s best to you both!

    Don & Alix Engle

  9. I have very fond memories of you and Daphne when you were still serving in the Philippines. We went through tough challenges and you always had the servant’s heart. Remember the time we evacuated members during the explosion of Mt. Pinatubo? I cherish those days working with you and Daphne. Such great people of God. Thank you for all the work you did.

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