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Saskatchewan retreat

Last month, GCI members from congregations in Saskatchewan, Canada, gathered for a Fall Retreat at Manitou Beach, a resort village located on Little Manitou Lake, east of Saskatoon. The weekend started on Saturday as the participants (pictured at right) heard a presentation from Western Superintendent Bill Hall, asking these questions about our calling as Christians:

  1. What does your calling mean to you?
  2. What things do you fear when facing the future as a Christian?
  3. What are your fears regarding GCI and the future?
  4. Do you think you could be part of the solution?

Bill’s presentation was followed by supper, then time in the pool at the Manitou Springs Resort Hotel and Mineral Spa. The pool (pictured below) has water from Little Manitou Lake, which has a mineral density three times saltier than the ocean, and is often referred to as the Dead Sea of Canada. At the concluding church service on Sunday, Bill carried on with the weekend theme by asking, “What cross will you have to bear?” (Matt. 16:24). His message was followed by communion and a final blessing.