Church security

Given recent attacks on churches both in the U.S. and elsewhere, it’s important to remember that each congregation needs a security plan. What that plan entails will vary from place to place, but a recent post on Thom Rainer’s blog has helpful suggestions. Here is an excerpt:

  1. Don’t be in denial. Church shootings are increasing every year in America. And while the percentage of churches with shootings is relatively small, this issue is one where we must be prepared. The downside is just too great.
  2. Have a church security plan. This plan should include all issues of security, from active shooters to child abuse. Local law enforcement is almost always very willing to work with churches and make recommendations.

To read the full post, click here, and be sure to read the GCI-USA Church Administration Manual for policies that address security issues (for references to those policies, see the Weekly Update article at

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  1. Can you please point me to the place in the CAD Manual where I can find policies which address security issues?
    Thank you!

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