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Safeguarding against sexual assault

A great deal has come to light recently concerning women (and some men) being sexually assaulted by people (typically men) in positions of authority and influence. Given this reality, pastors have the responsibility to give extra attention to protecting those entrusted to their care.

How do we do that? Click here for helpful advice from Rob Hurtgen on the LifeWay Pastors blog. Note also that GCI has policies in place to safeguard people from sexual and other types of abuse, and to protect people from false accusations. Those policies are outlined in the GCI-USA Church Administration Manual (sections,, 3.15, and C.2), and in the GCI-USA Generations Ministries Handbook (section 4.4). It is the responsibility of pastors and ministry leaders to see that these vitally important policies are carried out in their congregations and ministry segments.

The CT Pastors blog also has a helpful article on this topic titled “How to Care for Abuse Survivors in Your Congregation.” To read it, click here.