Camp & mission directors’ conference

Over 30 of GenMin’s camp and mission trip directors and staff (pictured below) gathered recently in Ohio for a conference led by GenMin national coordinator, Jeffrey Broadnax. Jeff set the tone with a presentation titled “A Compelling Vision for GenMin” based on Matthew chapter 10. He offered several examples of how Jesus both supported and challenged his disciples as they obeyed his command to go into the harvest field, sharing in Jesus’ disciple-making ministry.

Here are highlights of other topics covered during the conference:

  • All participants completed the five voices assessment from GiANT Worldwide. The tool helps a person lead themselves and others more effectively by helping them identify their natural “voice.”
  • Youth pastor Gary Pecuch (pictured below) shared The Faith Web—a tool he authored that helps congregations form intergenerational connections through shared faith development. Included in the tool are discussion starters that encourage cross-generational conversations. Gary gave examples of rebranding generation-specific activities so as to include all generations—for example, turning a youth cakewalk into an entire church cakewalk. He also stressed the importance of tying activities back to the congregation—doing things like having the youth talk about their trips or activities during church life, or hosting a time when everyone brings in hobbies they care about then hold breakouts to explain the details.

  • GenMin advisory council members/camp director trainers Mark and Anne Stapleton reported on the 2018 GenMin camps teaching curriculum, “All In.” Based on Mark 12:28-31, it explores five aspects of loving God and one’s neighbor.
  • GenMin missions leaders (pictured below) spoke about “living on mission,” helping conference participants explore developing a missional culture within GenMin camps and other programs and events that can be carried back home.
L to R: Joel Clevenger, Barbara and Steve Solari, Lee Berger
  • Breakouts during the conference covered compliance, reporting and administrative work; online application/registration processes; re-imagining camp; and a regional pastor’s perspective on camp (led by Regional Pastor Mike Rasmussen).
  • Jeff Broadnax introduced prayer with a pencil—jotting down the nudges received from God during prayer so that they may be recalled during future prayer and reflection.

Worship throughout the conference was led by Mohammad Ali (pictured below) a GCI intern in GCI’s congregation in San Jose, CA.