Events at Grace Communion Hickory

Grace Communion Hickory is a newly re-launched GCI congregation in Hickory, NC. Along with moving the congregation to a location central to the community (see the picture above), a new pastoral leadership team has been formed. GCI Vice President Greg Williams recently visited to commission the new team:

L to R (standing): Greg and Susan Williams, Anthony and Elizabeth Mullins, Emma Lee and PD Kurts.

Greg commissioned PD Kurts and Anthony Mullins as co-pastors, Emma Lee Kurts as a member of the pastoral team (she also serves as a worship leader) and Elizabeth Mullins as a member of the pastoral team (she was recently hired by GCI as a Pastoral Resident with a focus on serving as the congregation’s Community Developer).

Prayer of commissioning.

2 thoughts on “Events at Grace Communion Hickory”

  1. GC Hickory is participating with Jesus in some amazing ways! What a great leadership team there is at GC Hickory!

  2. It appears from the top photo that you own or are buying you meeting facility. If that’s the case you may find an article in the current issue of The Christian Century [April 25] of some interest. It is entitled “Opening up God’s house.” It discusses the pros and cons of opening up the building to other groups and churches as a way of building good bonds and relationships in the community as well as help with expenses. Congratulations on your fresh start!

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