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Owen Willis

We recently requested prayer for Owen Willis, GCI Pastor in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (click here for the original request). Here is an update from Owen:

I am deeply grateful for all the cards and kind concern from all over the world regarding my eye injury. I am making good progress in a slow recuperative process. The eye will not see again (without an unprecedented miracle!) and the main decision up ahead may be whether to keep the eye or not. I have low-grade, bearable pain, need to sleep every five or six hours, and am extremely light-sensitive (necessitating wearing two pairs of sunglasses outdoors). I have struggled for many years with my eyes, and the vision in my “good” eye, which has had two corneal transplants, is quite compromised. I hope to return to church before the end of the year. My wife Tina has been an angel. Without her, I cannot imagine what the last month would have been like.

Cards may be sent to:

Owen and Tina Willis
5845 St. Margarets Bay Rd.
Head of St. Margarets Bay, NS B3Z 2E3

9 thoughts on “Owen Willis”

  1. Dear Owen,

    We are all with you in prayer during this most difficult time. Our wives are indeed wonderful angels. I am sure that Tina’s love will continue to lift you up even as our heavenly Father provides tender care for His fragile children.

    In Jesus,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. Praying for you… Meanwhile, as we are both football (soccer) devotees – enjoy the World Cup!

    Peace: Dave Robinson, Ashton (Ottawa) ON.

  3. Owen,our congregation in Hyderabad, India is praying for you. Met you when you came with Richard Frankel to India. God bless you.

    Dan and Mary Zachariah

  4. Mr. Willis

    I had missed the original message about your accident. But it is not too late for us to lift you up in prayer to our ever merciful God. I am passing on this prayer request to our brothers and sisters in the Zambian church who still fondly remember you. God our Healer will hear our prayer.
    Inyambo Nyumbu

  5. Our love & prayers are with you. I am very familiar with your situation, so I can relate……..visual issues,but God is with us and will see us through whatever He allows in our lives. He has never left us and never will!!!

  6. Dear Owen and Tina,

    It has been a very long time since our Bricket Wood days. So sorry to hear of your eye accident. We’re praying for a good outcome and your strength to cope.

    God’s best to you!
    Don & Alix

  7. Hello Owen,
    Our prayers are with you regarding your eye problem.
    Thanks for your work over the years for ORM.
    Love and blessings,

  8. Mr. Willis I am writing from Zambia Africa on behalf of all of us. We have fond memories of the days you pastored us. Our prayers are with you.

    Sebastian Namukolo.

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