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New GCI Media Team

We are pleased to introduce the newly formed GCI Media team:

L to R: Joe Brannen, Michelle Fleming and Charlotte Rakestraw

Led by Media Director Michelle Fleming, the Media team was filled out recently when Joe Brannen (from Dallas, TX) and Charlotte Rakestraw (from Tallahassee, FL) joined the GCI Home Office staff in Charlotte, NC. Joe serves as Digital Content Developer, and Charlotte serves as Social Media and Correspondence Coordinator. The team works closely with GCI’s publications editors and authors (including Ted Johnston, Rick Shallenberger, Gary Deddo and Michael Morrison), GCI information technology, and various consultants in producing GCI’s denominational media (publications, websites, videos and social media).

Here are profiles of the three GCI Media team members (click each image to enlarge):

2 thoughts on “New GCI Media Team”

  1. It’s great to see this new team moving forward on fresh ideas. We are blessed to have such talented and dedicated people as you three putting your skills to use for the GCI part of kingdom work.

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