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Deddos’ new grandson

Grace Communion Seminary President Gary Deddo and his wife Cathy are celebrating the birth of Augustine James Deddo, their fourth grandchild, born to the Deddos’ son Greg Deddo and his wife Janelle on August 27. Gary reports that Augustine, though three weeks premature, “is healthy and ready to go—although he sleeps a lot. Mom and Dad are doing well.” Gary also noted that “being grandparents to a grandson living nearby is a bit different from being grandparents at a distance.” Their other three grandsons live 675 miles away. Gary said, “We’re very grateful to the Lord for a healthy grandbaby and the chance to be more regularly involved in helping out.” Here is a picture of Augustine with his father Greg:

6 thoughts on “Deddos’ new grandson”

  1. It is with a new “grandson view” also, that I can express my appreciation for your feelings of love and connection to your new grandson and for all in the family. Congratulations on the new member of your extended family. Offer baby-sitting services often! – David & Linda Husmann.

  2. Beautiful! And congratulations! Little AJ will surely keep you all busy 🙂 “Helping out you will”, as the great sage Yoda might say. We recently welcomed Samuel Jonas, our fifth grandchild, to the world. What a wonderful miracle these gifts are! Our Lord’s blessings be upon Augustine and may he grow strong in the Lord.

    Santiago and Elke

  3. Congratulations! Grandparents can play an important role in their grandchildren’s lives. Blessings all around.

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