Takalani Musekwa

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Meet Takalani Musekwa, GCI Regional Director for Southern Africa (click on the image below):

  • Santiago Lange said,

    Dear Takalani,

    I much appreciate finding out a few more things about you. I was familiar with your name, but now I am also familiar with your face 🙂 It has obviously not been an easy journey for you. To live through such discrimination and racism as you have is simply horrible and inhumane. And yet, God in His grace has lifted and guided you toward a greater purpose according to His sovereign plan. We are groomed and shaped by our experiences and the Lord continues to mightily work in and through you. Thank you for your service.

    Every blessing,

  • Gary Moore said,

    Great reading more about your life Takalani. God has indeed gifted you and worked in your life to prepare you for the role you’re fulfilling in our part of his body. We have great respect for your and your family, and always treasure time spent in fellowship. Inspiring to read of the impact Caleb had on you as well – his mentoring and involvement is a testimony to Christ’s heart in him. You and your family are regularly in our prayers.
    Much love,
    Gary and Wendy

  • Franklin Guice said,

    Takalani and Margaret, it is good to be introduced to you here. It is remarkable how our huge world gets smaller through what God opens up to us. May his hand upon your lives continue to produce fruit for his kingdom.
    Franklin and Cora

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