New Assistant Regional Pastor

Posted by GCI Update on October 9, 2018 under GCI News | 3 Comments to Read

This announcement is from GCI-USA Regional Pastor Randy Bloom.

I’m happy to announce that Timothy Brassell, Lead Pastor of GCI’s Baltimore, MD, congregation, will also be serving as Assistant Regional Pastor for the GCI-USA East Region. Tim has God-given gifts and experiences that will enable him to assist me in various ways as we, through support and supervision, help the pastoral leaders in our region pursue GCI’s healthy church vision. Congratulations Tim!

Timothy and Donna Brassell

  • Serge Volpe said,

    YES! Fantastic news Tim and Donna, all the best. Looking forward to our time together in ministry and song starting tomorrow in Ocean City. All blessings. Serge

  • Santiago Lange said,

    Dear Tim and Donna,

    I did want to hasten and congratulate you for this new and challenging assignment. Your dynamic cheerful personalities and strongly trinitarian understanding will surely motivate and richly instruct the congregations you have been privileged to serve.

    Full steam ahead!

    Your brother,

  • Ivan R Lane said,

    Congratulations Tim and Donna! May your increased participation in the ministry of Jesus bear much fruit in the months and years ahead.

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