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Retirements celebrated

On November 11, 230 members of GCI’s Spanish-speaking congregations in Southern California came together for a joint worship service in which Joseph Tkach and Lorenzo Arroyo were honored. The service featured exuberant worship and a well-received message from Dr. Tkach. The two honorees were given plaques showing the church’s appreciation for their many years of service.

Joseph, who retires from GCI employment in January, served for many years as GCI President. Lorenzo, who retired in 2017, served for many years as a U.S. Regional Pastor, and ecclesiastical supervisor of GCI congregations in Mexico and Spanish-speaking congregations in the U.S.

Joseph Tkach (with microphone) and Lorenzo Arroyo (at right) join Heber Ticas (second from left) in commissioning Jose Escalante (at left) to serve as the the District Coordinator of U.S. Spanish-speaking churches.

2 thoughts on “Retirements celebrated”

  1. It is a good thing to honor faithful servants who have devoted much of their lives to serving Christ and His Bride. The pastoral calling involves at times great sacrifices and the willingness to suffer. And yet, there is no work more satisfying than sharing the Gospel and being instruments of peace.

    Thank you Joe and Lorenzo for being shepherds willing to humbly follow in the footsteps of the Great Shepherd. Your faithfulness to the Kingdom will always be gratefully remembered in our fellowship.

    Every blessing,

  2. Having worked directly with Lorenzo for a number of years in the greater Bay Area, I know well your Shepherd’s Heart, brother. I congratulate you and Rita and am thankful for our association. And Joe, what can I say? You have been my friend and our “general” for my ministerial career, and I’m just grateful that you and Tammy will continue to contribute strongly to the future progress of GCI. Thanks for everything; be Blessed!

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