Devotional – Weathering Storms

And in the fourth watch of the night, he came to them, walking on the sea. Matthew 14:25

Venturing out to sea can be an uncertain prospect. The weather can change quickly. In a small boat, the disciples of Jesus knew this all too well when they were caught in a storm for many hours. It must have been terrifying. When Jesus came to the disciples walking on water, it was around the fourth watch of the night. Though his friends had been in the storm for 6-10 hours, they were not lost to the depths; he was not too late. We can take encouragement from this passage that Jesus sees us in the storms of our lives, he is not distant, and disinterested. He is Emmanuel—“God with us.” Jesus not only has a solution he is the solution, and when revealed it will not be too late for us and we will not be lost!

Prayer: Father please help us rest in your faithful embrace. Jesus, it is awfully hard not to panic in the storm. Help us trust you for who you are and that you have rescued us already. And Holy Spirit, it is difficult to show love to others as we frantically bail water from our fragile boats. Please tutor us in the ways of love.


By Bill Winn

4 thoughts on “Devotional – Weathering Storms”

  1. Thanks Bill!

    This devotional is personally very timely. As I shared with someone today, trouble is an uncomfortable „promise“ with many thorns. But, we know and trust that the ultimate victory is already ours!

    Every blessing,

  2. Thanks Bill for the encouraging message about Jesus who sees us in the storms of our daily lives and not only has a solution but is the solution. Jn 16:33 and Jn 14:27 Jesus tells us just that!

  3. Thanks Bill for reminding us that Jesus Christ Himself is the solution to all our storms we go thru in this life!
    Jesus said He is Our Peace! Jn 14:27 Jesus also said we will have trials in this world but to be of Good Cheer because He Has Overcome the World! We can put all our trust and confidence in Him, who is Our God, who is For Us All!

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