Australasia Pastor’s Conference

The following article was originally published in Life Together, a GCI Australasia, newsletter written by John McLean, Superintendent of Australasia.

Earlier this year we had another wonderfully constructive and successful national—now Australasian—pastors conference. We are blessed with an outstanding group of pastors and ministry leaders in our region. It was a delight to share fellowship, friendship, learning and discussion together.

Shehana and Peter Edalere, and Phil Van Djik

We welcomed Dennis and Sue Richards and Rex Morgan from New Zealand to the group. We also celebrated Mohan Jayasekera’s retirement, honouring and thanking Mohan and Nihara for their many years of faithful, dedicated service across several different countries, and often in trying and difficult times. Peter Edalere will take the reins as pastor of Perth, and Peter and his wife Shehana attended their first conference with us.

The theme of the conference was “Healthy Church,” and we spent considerable time in discussions around themes that both feed and implement this vision, seeking to further develop congregational environments of faith, hope and love.

We also discussed dealing with change, and followed up on child safety matters and pastoral supervision. These latter two were recommendations coming out of the recent Royal Commission in Australia. Daphne Sidney is already doing excellent work with the child safety policies and protocols, and has the role of ministry supervision as well.

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  1. Thanks Mohan and Nihara for your long time faithfulness to Christ and His church. While you may formally „retire“ we know that your servant hearts will continue to find ways to enrich and encourage the lives of many.

    Every blessing,
    Santiago and Elke

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