GCF Leadership Retreat

Below is a report written by Hazel Tabin about a leaders retreat for her local congregation, Grace Communion Fellowship.

Last March 15-17, fifteen leaders from our church reserved time to enjoy the Spirit’s presence with one another. We went to Pine Mountain Club, a great place to retreat from the busyness of the city. Turning off our phones and intentionally being present allowed us to see the beauty of community.

On the first night, we focused on praising God through prayer, Scripture reading, and singing songs. It was a sacred and honest space to come just as we are and worship God with our whole beings.

The next day, we feasted during breakfast, which helped us become ready for the whole day. We started with worship and a devotional from 1 Peter 5:1-10, then we took the 5 voices assessment, which helped us understand one another’s strengths. We then discussed how we could implement scriptural reading in our church as well as strategies in which we could connect with our communities. Next, we washed each other’s feet and heard a message about humility and serving like Christ. Lastly, we had communion and each prayed in the process of taking the bread and the wine. At the end of the day, we laid hands for each other and lifted them up along with their families, their work, and any prayer requests they had.

This retreat was a refreshing time for the leaders of our church as we rested and were reminded why we are serving—because of the immense love we have tasted and seen from our Triune God, which we are compelled to share with others.

2 thoughts on “GCF Leadership Retreat”

  1. Hazel,

    Thanks much for this inspiring report reminding all of us to take advantage of retreat opportunities where in community we can recharge spiritually and „recalibrate“ our minds and hearts to following the promptings and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    In Him,

  2. Dear Tabin family, it warms my heart to read about what you are doing to nurture ministry leaders; leaders who are the fruit the Spirit has given as you have joined him in planting a new church a few years ago. You are an example to us all of following Jesus into new and challenging places to share his good news and make new disciples. Many, many blessings to you all!

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