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Holy Land

GCI President, Dr. Greg Williams, gives an update on Grace Communion International.
He shares the experience of a recent trip with work colleagues to the Holy Land – Israel. Dr. Williams reflects on the relational bonding that occurred and how we, as disciples, can do the same during this Easter season – inviting our friends, family, and neighbors to share in the experiences of Jesus’ life in our life.

4 thoughts on “Holy Land”

  1. Thanks Greg for keeping us headed in the right direction, Looking to Jesus Christ who endured the cross for the eternal joy that was set before Him, and thru Him only we have passed from death to life. Heb 12:2

  2. It is inspiring to remember and to celebrate the spiritual and historical ties that connect Christians with one another all around the world, Jerusalem and the Holy Land being a strong symbol of that reality.

    Greg, we pray for safe travel and much encouragement as you celebrate Easter with our African brothers and sisters.

    In Him,
    Santiago and Elke

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