Importance of a Name

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GCI President, Dr. Greg Williams, gives an update on Grace Communion International.
He shares the celebration of Grace Communion International’s name and the significance of why we are called GCI.

7 thoughts on “Importance of a Name”

  1. GCI…three letters with a definition and meaning that carry a powerful message. I pray that in the time to come we will even more deeply cherish what those letters stand for as a reflection of the calling that God has given us.

    Would love to attend the 2020 „family reunion“ in Charlotte. It will surely be a great celebration!

  2. Thanks Greg for the update about the new name, now 10 years old! The name that describes the finished work of Jesus Christ done for us all! No matter where we live in this world we are united to Him by the Holy Spirit and to each other. Saved by Grace thru one faith! All believers now are joined to Him in One Fellowship, according to the Will of our Heavenly Father and the Grace given us in unity with Him! 2 Cor 13:14

    1. Thank you Greg. Our name reveals the theology and heart of our denomination. It’s beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the explanations derivable in our new name: Grace Communion International. It’s a name by which we have the suffiency of Grace in the Communion of all members throughout nations. To God be the Glory!

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