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Anthony Mullins Commissioned as Southeast Regional Director, USA

Anthony & Elizabeth Mullins
Anthony & Elizabeth Mullins

In spring, Paul David Kurts, Regional Director of the U.S. Southeast Region, was offered a full-time position with the Air National Guard. It was an amazing offer he could not resist. I asked Pam Morgan to step up as the Interim Regional Director to help during this transitional period. Even though Pam already had a full-time position as Operations Coordinator in our Home Office, she graciously accepted the additional responsibilities and challenges. I am grateful to Pam for all her hard work and sacrificial love and service to the pastors and members within the Southeast. Pam has done a tremendous job of helping pastors and treasurers bring their Monthly Church Reports and Financial Reports into compliance. Pam also worked to host a fantastic Regional Celebration this summer in Charlotte, NC. Thank you Pam!

The plan was to have Pam serve until a full-time Regional Director could be identified and freed up to serve the Region. After much prayer and many discussions, I would like to announce that Anthony Mullins has agreed to serve as the Regional Director and is excited to lead and serve the pastors in this region as they join Jesus in “being the church” within your congregations and fellowship groups as well as to your neighborhood. Anthony and his wife Elizabeth have served in GCI in many capacities over the years, from being a youth pastor in Atlanta, to Director of GenMin – overseeing our regional camps, to heading up our Intern and Pastoral Resident Programs, and overseeing our GCI Coaching Program. I believe Anthony will serve well and will help share the vision we as a denomination are embracing. Please welcome he and Elizabeth in their new role of service. Anthony will step into the role on September 1.

Mike Rasmussen

38 thoughts on “Anthony Mullins Commissioned as Southeast Regional Director, USA”

  1. Congratulations Anthony and Elizabeth. We know you will be a blessing to the Region and the Denominational leadership. Our prayers are with you. ~ Jeff, Karen, Jasmine, Dan, Kyle, Kassidy and Kaiden.

  2. Congratulations Anthony and Elizabeth on your new responsibilities. I know you will do a great job as Jesus and the Holy Spirit lead you to the perfect will of our Heavenly Father. My prayers are with you!

  3. Dear Elizabeth and Anthony,

    We will be praying for you asking our Father to give you in this new role wisdom and courage tempered with godly love. Your track record and prior responsibilities obviously serve as an excellent foundation for the service yet to come.

    „The Christian life requires hard work. Our sanctification is a process wherein we are coworkers with God. We have the promise of God’s assistance in our labor, but His divine help does not annul our responsibility to work (Phil. 2:12-13)“.

    -R.C. Sproul

    Every blessing,
    Santiago and Elke

  4. Congratulations to you, Anthony and Elizabeth! Excited for the blessing your region will have as they follow you, as you follow Christ. Praying for this transition and all that goes with it!
    ~ Carrie & Greg

    1. Congratulations!! You will begin ny Mother’s region now. Sge is one of the ministers in the Ft. Myers church. ❤

  5. Brother Anthony and Sister Elizabeth, Congratulations, on your new path. I know the Southeast will be blessed through your partnership and administration. My joyous prayers for you both.

    Todd Woods

  6. Greetings Elizabeth and Anthony, I’ve known you for many years and have enjoyed seeing you grow. I wish you the best in your new responsibilities. It’s good to see our young people grow up and become laborers in the field, because the harvest is ripe and our young people need role models.

    May God bless you both.

    Chalres Calhoun

  7. Congratulations Anthony and Elizabeth!
    You will be awesome in this role. We
    Miss seeing both of you!

    Ingrid Galinat

  8. Congratulations Anthony and Elizabeth. You both play a pivotal role in locking arms with the leadership of GCI in the quest of moving our denomination forward by the lead of the Holy Spirit.

    Blessings to you always,
    Tommie and Robin

    1. Thank you for the encouragement in the Spirit, Robin! Anxious to see what the Lord does in our region.

  9. We are happy for your new assignment bro Anthony and sis Elizabeth. Congratulations to the sweetest GCI couple I know. Stay beautiful and handsome.?
    God is with us.

  10. Congratulations Anthony and Elizabeth. I know you’ll do a great job at the new opportunity. What a blessing for the Southeast region and to the denomination. You both truly are servants of Christ.

    1. Hey Al! What a blessing to hear from you! Thanks for your kind words, brother.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS Anthony to you and your family and also the Southeast region. May our Father bless you with wisdom and guidance in your new responsibilities.

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