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Church on Staten Island Recognized for ASL Service

Image courtesy of Annalise Knudson/Staten Island Advance
Image courtesy of Annalise Knudson/Staten Island Advance

Congratulations to our congregation on Staten Island, Hands for Christ Community Church. They have been catching media attention and praise for their Sunday services which are led fully in American Sign Language (ASL), with a voice translator. The following is a write up from Pastor Mary Bacheller.

Spectrum News NY1 (the local TV station) called to ask if we could be interviewed for their show. We agreed and they came and loved our services. They would like to come back another time as well. They captured the essence of our services. Even though attendance was down a bit, we did have a new family join us. I am asking the station to provide a link or DVD /CD with closed captioning on it so that I can send it to all of the deaf on the island as a promo piece and invite them to services.

For the video and accompanying article by the local news station, please view this link: https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2019/08/06/staten-island-church-is-a-sign-of-faith

3 thoughts on “Church on Staten Island Recognized for ASL Service”

  1. Wow, how well you represent GCI’s “all kinds of churches in all kinds of places for all kinds of people.” Yours is a unique manifestation of the purpose to reach people exactly where they are in a way the gospel gets across. Be blessed with a great response from the news coverage. JR

  2. Hands for Christ Community Church demonstrates God’s grace in advancing his kingdom, using the language his children understand best. Thank you for participating with Jesus in living and sharing the gospel with hungry souls.

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