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The Mark Experience: Registration Open

Gary and Cathy Deddo will facilitate a study of the Gospel of Mark before the Denominational Celebration. In this seminar, we’ll spend our time studying together seven passages from the Gospel of Mark. We’ll get to know Jesus more deeply and personally so that our faith, hope, and love for him will be nourished. We’ll learn how to more carefully hear the Lord speak to us in his Word and grow in our relationship with him. We’ll also take some time to pray together and have fellowship around a couple of meals.

Seminar information:

  • Cost – $85 per student
  • Registration includes class materials, breakout snacks, and lunch (Monday and Tuesday)
  • Classes will be held July 26 – 28, at the GCI Home Office – 3120 Whitehall Park Drive, Charlotte, NC

Register today, and we’ll learn how to have fellowship together in God’s Word so that Bible study feeds and guides our life together as members of his Body, the church. And for those who are interested, we’ll learn a little about leading small group Bible studies that build up the disciples of Jesus. As members of his Body, we’ll be better prepared to be disciples, living and sharing the gospel.