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Tornadoes in Tennessee

You may have heard about the tornado that passed through Nashville in the middle of the night. I spoke with Pastor Linda Rex and she was awakened by her son and the sound of a tornado siren in the 3 am hour this morning. Her family is OK and she has contacted almost all the affected members and everyone seems to be fine – thank you, Lord! The tornado came within one block of a GCI member and near the church building itself, but there’s no damage. There are two reported casualties in the city of Nashville, over 100 wounded and many buildings destroyed.

Be in prayer for those who have experienced death and loss in the city and that our GCI congregation can be a place of hope for those who are suffering.


Anthony Mullins
GCI Regional Director, Southeast
Pastor, Grace Communion Hickory

One thought on “Tornadoes in Tennessee”

  1. Dear Linda,

    Thankful to hear that the Lord protected you. Our thoughts are with Nashville and the tornado victims. So often do we find ourselves wishing for the fullness of the kingdom to be established. In the meantime we can be “the hands” of Jesus as we reach out to comfort, encourage and heal.

    In Him,

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