James Newby Prayer Update


I wanted to give you a brief update on my prostate cancer situation.

Thank you, one and all, and the family and church members you represent. Our Dad hears your prayers and I can attest that I (and my family) have been carried along by his answers to your requests and praises on my/our behalf.

From the night of the surgery, May 8, I was able to walk without assistance three laps around the hospital ward. Saturday evening I came home (in time for Karen to wait on me on Mother’s Day) and have been walking at least a ¼ mile a day except for one night when I walked an additional 1 mile.

With today’s procedure out of the way and with a continued good diet and appropriate exercise, I hope to make good steady progress to a new level of healthy. June 10 is the next time we have contact with the surgeon at which time we hope to hear the good news of negative cancer findings in the resected lymph glands.

We are overwhelmed by the love and support, and most of all the grace of our merciful King, Savior and friend, Jesus.

The fervent, effectual prayer of the righteous avails much.


Together with Jesus,
James and family

10 thoughts on “James Newby Prayer Update”

  1. May God bless and enhance your full recovery from your surgery. Your state is quite common for men in our age group and I know that the physicians involved have learned much and can and do apply wonderful service in your recuperation. My prayers go out for you and your family.
    Roger Galstad

  2. James,

    Thanks so much for this encouraging update. Will continue to pray for you asking the Lord to lift you up. May his presence bring you peace and assurance.

    In Him,

  3. Dear James and family. Thanks for sharing those great news about the health progress our Almighty and loving Father is giving you. We will continue to pray for a total recovery. All blessings in Him.

    1. Hello James! Blessed be the name of our great friend Jesus who has seen you through all this. I believe you are the Newby who used to be in Kenya Eastafrica in the 90’S ministering to us in neighbouring Uganda as well in the church.

  4. Friends and brethren from Christian Family Fellowship congregation in Jacksonville, Fl lift our hands in praise to our loving Father and to Jesus Christ our Savior who has interceded on your behalf. We truly serve an awesome God who loves us beyond our understanding. Thank you God for hearing our prayers on behalf of our brother.

  5. Hi James, So happy to hear your doing better, our prayers are with you and your wonderful family.

    God bless brother,

    Tom and Sandy

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