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Drive-In Church in Kenockee

Our congregation is now participating in a drive-in service each Sunday. What a joy to be physically present with one another in God’s presence. Join us in praying for gospel fruit and good weather as we find ways to safely worship together.

I am transmitting the message over an FM station. Each attendee can either tune their car radio into the station, listen over the loudspeaker or both.

Worship music is played and the lyrics are printed on the handouts along with announcements and offering choices (including an offering box as you exit).

We have done this for five Sundays now. It is extremely popular for our members and we are getting a few curious attendees as they see us do this week after week.

Grant Forsyth
In His Grace Community Church
Kenockee, MI


2 thoughts on “Drive-In Church in Kenockee”

  1. It is a blessing to be able to attend our chruch service in person and still be safe. It is so important and uplifting to have that connection in this stressful time. Thank you Pastor Grant and Kathy for all you do.

  2. I love the drive in church services. It was vert hard not attending church during this pandemic. I think this is a very safe alternative. I feel very blessed we are able to get together again and worship and hear GOD’S word. GREAT JOB PASTOR GRANT!!!

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