Prayers for Honduras

Please be in prayer for Honduras. The report below is from Heber Ticas
Superintendent of Latin America, on Thursday, November 5.

I have been in contact with our church family and Honduras all morning and the country is getting hit hard with fast-moving torrential rains from hurricane Eta. Below is a report from Pastor Marco Mejia of San Pedro Sula. Their congregation is in an area named La Democracia and is known for flooding.

“Unfortunately, last night the Ulua river overflowed and flooded the colony of La Democracia where we meet, and our church building is located. Eight families from our church who are members were evacuated and now find themselves in temporary shelters. There are 12 additional families that are affected. Many of these are not consistent in our church but their children and teenagers are well connected to our ministry. The situation is dire, and the storm is still with us. Homes have been destroyed, and roads and bridges have also been affected. I have attached some videos of when the river overflowed so you can get a better idea. By the grace of God, I don’t know of anyone close to us that have lost their lives. We continue to pray asking the Lord for relief and we ask that you join us in prayer as well”.
– Marco Mejia

Please join us in holding up our brothers and sisters in prayer.

Update: As of Saturday, the water had not yet receded and folks were still in shelters. A damage assessment was not yet possible.

Heber Ticas
Superintendent of Latin America &
National Coordinator for Church Multiplication


5 thoughts on “Prayers for Honduras”

  1. My Prayer:

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on your children in Honduras. Deliver the people from the raging storm. We praise your holy Name and rest in you.

  2. I have prayed for our brothers and sisters in Honduras. I will continue prayers for my family in Honduras..

  3. Father God, dear Jesus and Holy Spirit, we know that we had sin against you, but we know that you are a God of mercy and today oh Lord I ask forgiveness of our sins and forgiveness for my sins and let your Holy presence protect your people oh Lord, do not turn away from us, we need you oh Lord ,where can we go oh Lord if is not to you, our hope , Honduras, Nicaragua and Central America’s hope is in you alone, have mercy oh Lord !!!!!

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