U.S. Planning Meetings

October 6 through 8, twelve Home Office employees gathered in Oklahoma City, OK, to plan for the coming year. Due to Covid-19, our meetings took on a different look–we even had GCI branded masks.

We were each seated at individual tables to create proper spacing. At first look, everything seemed so spread out and separated, but after we started working, the extra space didn’t hinder the warm communication or collaboration, and most commented that they liked having the extra space to spread out their documents.

While in Oklahoma City, we traveled to Surrey Hills, the site of the new church building that is being built. We were greeted on-site by Surrey Hill’s pastor, Joe Brannen. Joe gave us a tour of where the sanctuary would be located, classrooms, and meeting space. Although no steel or concrete construction had started, the ground had been leveled and chalk marks, colored string, and wooden stakes were seen throughout the space where concrete was to be poured later in the week. This church facility will also serve as a Ministerial Training Center for interns and pastoral residents when complete.

Our meetings were collaborative, focusing on the Faith Avenue theme for 2021. Working within this theme, we discussed how national and regional resources and events could be focused to support congregations and members in exploring this avenue. The Faith Avenue is one of the three key ministries (the others being Hope and Love) that are important in a healthy church as we share the gospel. Tools, including social media, church hacks, prayer calendar, Equipper, monthly church reporting, and more, will all be used to emphasize and inform participants about the Faith Avenue in 2021.

This planning time together was beneficial and joyful because it is the only time during the year that this group gathers in one place to share ideas face to face. We brainstormed and planned, and also enjoyed recreational time together to relax and deepen our relationships.

The next time we will all be in one place will be the Denomination Celebration in 2021. We hope to see many of you there!

Pam Morgan
Operations Coordinator

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  1. Awesome and loving Father,
    We praise you for your relationship with each of these members of our Home Office leadership and bringing them in to participate in that relationship amongst each other. May our local leadership teams rejoice in following suit as we embrace your vision for GCI and emulate your triune zeal to accomplish all that you have revealed regarding the Hope Venue as we prepare to pursue the Faith Venue via the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

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