A Message from the President to the U.S.A.

Greg and Susan Williams
Greg and Susan Williams

Following the political protests and the security breach of the U.S. Capitol, it is appropriate for us to be in prayer for the healing of our nation. As American citizens and Christ-followers we pursue the spiritual fruits of love, joy, and peace. We denounce the strife, quarrels, dissensions, factions that are so prevalent in our society. We ask our living Lord Jesus to bring wisdom to our leaders and that they will lead with integrity, especially in the transition of offices. We should actively act as peacemakers in our neighborhoods and all places where we have influence.

Lord God have mercy on us as a nation and draw us to yourself in the strong name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Greg Williams, GCI President

6 thoughts on “A Message from the President to the U.S.A.”

  1. Here in Germany I have been following these USA developments with grave concern. While respecting constitutional rights it is critical that religious, political and social leaders do their outmost to calm down a situation that threatens the very foundation and long term stability of a nation that has been tremendously blessed.

    Will continue to pray.

  2. Thank you Greg Williams, Christ is indeed working through you and your leadership in these very difficult times in our lives.

  3. Thank you Greg and international brothers and sisters. Our common prayers for each other in the wisdom from above that is Jesus: pure, peace loving, gentle, easily entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and genuine sowing peace in the Holy Spirit. Love and only Love in His House.

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