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New Diploma Program for GCI Ministry Avenue Champions


Grace Communion Seminary, working in partnership with Grace Communion International, is happy to announce new diploma options designed for GCI members who lead the ministry avenues of faith (discipleship), hope (worship), and love (witness). This will include new courses designed for each of the three avenues.

The GCS Diploma of Christian Ministry involves seven classes. Six of the requirements are the same no matter which ministry a person is involved in; one class will be different based on the avenue of focus. The courses may be taken in any order, and at any pace, as fast as one course each semester, or only one course per year. Students are welcome to take one course without a commitment to take any others.

Not everyone will be able to keep to the same schedule, but we encourage the avenue champions (Faith, Hope, or Love) to take courses together and to stay together as a group.

Here is a basic sketch of the diploma program:

    • One Bible course, either Biblical Interpretation or New Testament Survey (both taught by Mike Morrison)
    • Three ministry courses: Practice of Ministry (Ted Johnston), Church Planting and Development (Randy Bloom), and Polity of GCI (Greg Williams and Mike Rasmussen)
    • One theology courses: The Holy Spirit, the Church, and Last Things (Gary Deddo)
    • One additional Bible course or one additional theology course
    • One ministry course chosen based on the ministry avenue:
      • For the Faith Avenue (discipleship): Pastoral Leadership, Trinitarian Youth Ministry, or a new course in Small Group Bible Study Leadership
      • For the Hope Avenue (worship): Trinitarian Youth Ministry or a future appropriate elective
      • For the Love Avenue (witness and outreach): a future appropriate elective

All courses are taught at a graduate level, discussions are held at a graduate level, and students are required to read several textbooks and to write papers. Each course will entail about 140 hours of work – about 12 hours each week for twelve weeks. Those who want to audit are still expected to read the textbooks and participate in the discussions.

Contact the GCS Registrar at registrar@gcs.edu with any questions.