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Crossing Borders Update, Summer 2021

This year has been a time of extreme crisis for our Mexico ministry partners, and while our CB team is prevented from going to help them in person we try to help from afar.

It was in January that I last updated you regarding Crossing Borders’ mission plans, needs, and ministry outreach. Because of COVID, we had to cancel both our summer and winter trips for 2020. However, we were able to assist several of our regular ministry partners along the Texas-Mexico border as they struggle with current economic challenges—aggravated by the COVID crisis.

This assistance made it possible to provide significant aid during this COVID business stoppage, and economic and personal crises. Crossing Borders helpers have also sent a strong message of love, compassion, and encouragement to these dear folks during a tough time. (Along with the deadly COVID situation, there has been a rise of crime, cartels, drug-running, and other dangerous factors).

Here are a few updates since my last note to you:

  • Pastor Raymundo has made good headway at replacing and upgrading the roof of his smaller church building that had blown off in a bad windstorm. We have also been able to provide some basic food outreach and family needs.
  • Pastor Pedro Castillo is planting a new church farther interior from the border.
  • At Pastor Rendon’s “Casa Hogar Douglas” orphanage, he has been able to totally replace a large porch structure. Also, his wife, Lupita, was in the hospital for several weeks with a near-fatal condition. She is now at home recovering well.
  • At Sister Juanita’s orphanage, Crossing Borders has been able to help her weather the COVID-induced crisis, and her and the kids still have a home in which to live.

  • Pastor Fernando contracted COVID and his wife, Nora, also has had serious health issues. They have taken on whatever work they could find, and CB has been able to help also. They have recently been able to rebuild their church stage and purchase much-needed padded chairs for the church.
  • At Pastor Marta’s church, they have been able to plaster the inside walls of the church and to install permanent electricity. They are meeting in person again, and hope to build a fence for security at their church.
  • Since 2012, CB has “adopted” the Rodriguez family and has been able to help them create better living conditions.

Thank you and muchas gracias from all the ministry partners, their families and their congregations, for the prayers of many of you for these dear folks on the border. Your love is a true reflection of God!

Although it is wonderful to be able to help from a distance, our CB missionaries are anxious to get back to the border and continue our relationships with these ministry partners in person as soon as possible. However, with the current health and safety conditions (and with border crossing still being unstable), we have had to cancel our mission trip for summer 2021. If conditions will improve over the next few months, our goal is to be able to conduct our normal “shoebox gift” mission trip in December, God willing.

Pastor Lee B and CB Team

5 thoughts on “Crossing Borders Update, Summer 2021”

  1. Lee, your service to God and his children is inspiring. Thank you for sharing this update.

    1. Ken, thanks much for your encouragement of the ministry of Crossing Borders. I still remember the trip where you were showing your personal attention to some of the youngest and “least” kids at Sister Karen’s
      children’s home.

  2. Looking forward to Crossing Borders being able to get back to Mexico – and Christmas shoeboxes should be an especially joyful way to resume ministry there!

  3. It is so good to hear you are still able to help even with the challenges of covid. Continue to do God’s work.
    Olga Jendrek

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