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Prayers and Encouragement for the Butler Family

thank you

Sam and Denise Butler want to thank everyone for your prayers for their son Joffre throughout his recovery process. Joff’s injuries were quite severe, but he is gaining strength and all three surgeries were successful. Joffre is still dealing with an “angry pancreas” that needs to heal. And he needs energy and motivation as he is entering a long stretch of rehabilitation. Cards and letters to encourage him would be a blessing.

Please send cards to:

Joffre Butler
4439 Summit Forest Dr
Rockford MI 49341

2 thoughts on “Prayers and Encouragement for the Butler Family”

  1. Prayers and love from your friends in Tasmania. May God continue to heal and encourage Joffre as he recovers.

  2. Dear Joffre and Family,

    The Lord‘s grace and his healing touch be with you. He is able to provide for all our emotional, spiritual and physical challenges. The gospels and our personal experiences witness that miracles and providential interventions do happen.

    Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on Joffre and his family. Let your light shine that the world may see and worship you.

    In Him,

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