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Meet Margaret Cohen

“As a mother of two and grandmother of five, I have deep affection, respect, and empathy across each generation and the rich contribution that each age group, from the very youngest to the most senior, is able to make to the life of the church. I know that truly growing together in Christ is vital to a healthy and relevant church.” Check out this month’s GCI Profile to get to know Margaret Cohen, an Elder in our Carina, Australia congregation. To read her full profile, click the image below.

2 thoughts on “Meet Margaret Cohen”

  1. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of what surely has been a life full of challenges and adventures. Much appreciate your long time service.

  2. It is a lovely encouragement to read this snapshot of Margaret. For those who do not know her personally, this story conveys Margaret’s quiet influential exemplary presence amongst us, a bit reflective of the majesty surrounding Queen Elizabeth amongst her people.

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