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We’ve Come a Long Way!

Greg and Susan Williams
Greg and Susan Williams

Dear GCI Family and friends,

If you have been around GCI for a while, you will recall our vast study on the topic of women in ministry. Study papers were submitted to the denomination over a long stretch of time, and much was published about the role of women as seen through the lens of scripture. After prayerful consideration by our denominational committee, it was decided that women could be ordained and serve in ministry capacities that were once reserved for men. Hallelujah! Praise God for opening our eyes to the truth.

It is an amazing journey that we have been on to see many wonderful women of faith rise up and serve Jesus through the ministries of GCI. We currently have 113 female Elders in our fellowship. Four of these Elders serve the church out of the Home Office – Pam Morgan, Michelle Fleming, Cara Garrity and Susan Williams. We have an additional two female Elders serving as Directors on the GCI Board – Celestine Olive and Jen Gregory and one Superintendent serving Australasia – Daphne Sidney.

The addition of the female perspective and voice “at the table” has made us a stronger and more balanced church. As President, I have noticed how the presence of women in leadership has made us more collaborative and much more innovative. A big thank you to the women for stepping up and stepping in!

It gives me great pleasure to announce three major advancements of three special ladies who work out of the denominational Home Office.

      • Michelle Fleming

        Michelle Fleming who has been our Media Director for three years will take on a greater role as our Communications Director (CD). The CD is a senior level manager who reports to the president and works with the team of GCI managers for the overall good and health of the organization. The CD acts as an advisor to the President, monitors the messaging of the church, maintains the clarity of the vision, and serves as press contact for the church. Michelle will continue the oversight of Media and will add another staff person to share the workload.

      • portrait of elizabeth mullins
        Elizabeth Mullins

        Elizabeth Mullins will join the media team as our Publications Assistant to support the timely production, delivery and execution of projects related to GCI Publications. Working in unison with the Communications Director, Media Team, and Denominational Leaders, the Publications Assistant maintains alignment with the church’s vision and mission with the GCI audience in mind.

      • Cara Garrity, who currently serves as the GCI
        Cara Garrity

        Development Coordinator, will have expanded responsibilities to include Host of GCI Podcast, and Coordinator of the Ministry Coaching service that is available to pastors and ministry leaders in the US. Her new responsibilities fit nicely into the ongoing development needs that we have in GCI.

I am privileged to work with these amazing women. Their collective skills, knowledge and experience make GCI a better organization. I am proud of each of them, and I solicit your prayers of support as they move into these roles.

The inclusion of women in the ministry of GCI has been a tremendous blessing, and most of all, it reflects who Jesus is and how he so adeptly oversees his church.

Praising God for making us healthier,

Greg Williams

22 thoughts on “We’ve Come a Long Way!”

    1. Over the years ,GOD has really led us to a better understanding of his great plan and open our eyes to understanding his love for us. Thank you!

  1. Thankful for the women God is leading to serve. Prayers for Wisdom as they take on new responsibilities.

  2. I love this! Back in the day there were not a lot of women in leadership positions. My life was blessed with 20 years employment with Ambassador University as a Faculty member teaching Family & Consumer Sciences and the last seven years as Director of Special Events in University Advancement. Congratulations to Michelle Fleming, Elizabeth Mullins and Cara Garrity!

  3. God bless all of these women in their new positions as they continue to serve God and bless all of us with the gifts He has given them.

  4. Congratulations,we are with them in Prayer.
    Let’s be about our Father’s business.
    We are GCI
    #Compelled by Love

  5. Thankful Greg, to God that He has added laborers to serve in the needs of His Church! In Christ there is neither male nor female, for we are all One in Christ Jesus! Gal 3:28

  6. Congratulations to you all.. We are so happy and proud of you ladies. We will keep you in prayers too

  7. Congratulations to all! After all these years I feel blessed to witness women’s God given talents recognized and appropriated.

  8. We are blessed with the way God is bringing more and more women into His ministry in UK. Annette, Hilary, Jackie, Rachel; there are others

  9. Congratulations Michelle, Elizabeth and Cara! So grateful you are sharing your wisdom, talents and love that will bless all of us! Praying for and thankful for all the Women who serve!

  10. Good to see the addition of women to serve in ministry. Would be nice to see a article on the decision making.

  11. It is a blessing to be in a church that allows women to serve in roles that used to be filled only by men. Thank God for wisdom to recognize the need for both genders’ input. Prayers for all in leadership positions.

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